Behavior consultation is an ongoing service in which a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is conducted to determine target behaviors for reduction and appropriate replacement behaviors. A behavior intervention plan is written based on FBA results utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis implementing positive, evidence based behavior strategies. PSBG will train caregivers and home staff on implementing the behavior intervention plan, monitor treatment data, and revise the plan as needed.
Social skills instruction is offered in scheduled outings and structured social activities for adolescent individuals with high functioning autism. We develop social groups based on individual interests and compatibility in order to benefit all participants. Outings and activities are scheduled based on interests of the participants. Socials skills instruction is provided prior to outings and embedded in the natural environment to promote generalization of skills. If interested please contact us at
We are currently developing a social group for our younger learners. More information will be posted soon!
We are pleased to offer trainings on basic behavior intervention strategies, skill acquisition, home programs, and many more topics pertaining to the behavioral challenges of caring for a child or adult with special needs. If interested in training, you may contact PSBG for trainings offered. We are open to requests on training topics if you have a particular need that is not already offered.
PSBG will provide consultation services to school staff including an FBA and behavior plan development. Services provided and duration of services depend on individual needs determined by child's team members (parents, teachers, administration). In-services for school staff are also be provided upon the request of the school administration.


PSBG accepts Tricare, United Behavioral Health, SCL/Michelle P (Northern Kentucky), master card, visa, and private pay.