Our Mission

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Our Mission

Positive Solutions Behavior Group (PSBG) is a family-focused resource that continuously strives to increase opportunities for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental needs by applying the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in the community, home, schools, and clinical setting.

Core Values

All individuals have the potential to increase skills beyond their current level and ultimately reach their fullest potential in everyday activities at home and in the community.  

Individuals should be taught the skills necessary for participation in their communities and should have ample opportunities to access their communities.

Individuals should be taught necessary communication skills that lead to meaningful relationships, well-being, vocational productivity, and self-determined daily activities.

All individuals must receive quality, effective evidence-based treatment what will lead to the best possible learner outcomes and greatest level of independence possible.


Positive Solutions Behavior Group believes in supporting individuals and families by utilizing effective, evidence-based methods of Applied Behavior Analysis. We focus on the needs of each child individually and provide appropriate and effective instruction to help each child reach their individual goals. We strive to be a resource and support for families by providing families with regular training on effective behavioral strategies to use at home and in the community. We schedule family activities throughout the year to foster support and community between families. Additional resources and support are provided as necessary to ensure each individual is receiving the necessary support needed.