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Behavior Supports

ABA Therapy

Comprehensive Training for Behavior Support Plan Implementation

To determine the function of behaviors, a comprehensive functional behavior assessment is carried out, informing the development of a tailored behavior support plan. This plan is then executed by a Behavior Analyst or Registered Behavior Technician, implementing treatments aligned with the specific strategies outlined. As part of this process, ongoing and essential training sessions are provided to caregivers, home staff, and school staff. These training sessions equip them with the necessary knowledge and techniques essential for implementing strategies detailed within the behavior plan, both at home and within the community. The objective is to ensure consistent and effective application of these strategies across various settings, thereby supporting individuals in their behavioral development and providing a cohesive approach to their care and well-being.

The Importance of Social Skills and How to Develop Them

Individualized Behavioral Support and Training at PSBG

Positive Solutions Behavior Group specializes in providing behavior support through a comprehensive and individualized approach. Conducting a thorough functional behavior assessment, the team tailors a behavior support plan to address specific needs. This plan is skillfully executed by experienced Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians. Caregivers, home staff, and school personnel undergo vital training to effectively implement these strategies at home and within the community. The ultimate goal is to ensure consistent and successful application of these approaches across different environments, fostering holistic support for individuals in their behavioral development. Through evidence-based methodologies and continuous training, Positive Solutions Behavior Group creates a supportive and empowering environment, aiming for the overall well-being and growth of the individuals they serve.

The Importance of Social Skills and How to Develop Them

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